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Domain Consulting and Services

Domain Sales Brokerage

Do you have a domain name or several you wish to sell? Please contact us for a free evaluation.

Domain Consulting & Acquisition

We consult with you on how to choose the best possible domain name for your business, product, or service that will give your business a jump-start above your competition, as well as lowering your long-term marketing and advertising costs.  Options are available to meet any budget, including ….

Aftermarket Domains

For existing businesses or start-ups with capital to invest in the power of premium generic domains to boost online traffic, sales, and brand positioning.


  • Expand your options… with access to a huge network of domain resellers, aftermarket venues, sales forums, newsletters, and inside industry contacts
  • Don’t break the bank… by leveraging our experience to help negotiate you the lowest purchase price for your domain acquisition
  • Know what you’re paying for… and don’t get stuck with a lemon (rare but it can happen)

Rate: Please Contact to discuss scope

New Domain Registration

For individuals or start-ups trying to find the one perfect (and still available) domain name to incubate your new online venture. Although we do recommend acquiring high quality aftermarket domains where possible, this option works for those who are bootstrapping with little or no budget.


  • A small investment now can pay off down the road… by using the right tools to identify available domains that can give you a competitive marketing advantage over other businesses in your industry or geographic location
  • Save time… and let TopShelfNames do the grunt work for you. Domains are our specialty
  • Save yourself a hassle… by learning which domain registrars you should avoid
  • Bonus … Administration and management of your domain (optional)

Rate: Flat fee of $99

Back Order Domains

Is the one domain you really want already owned and in use or not for sale? In the event the current owner fails to renew their annual registration the domain will be dropped from the registry giving you the chance to catch it. Assistance with placing domain back orders is available for a flat fee.

Rate: Flat Fee of $49.95

Can’t decide on a service? No Problem. Just contact us now and we’ll be happy to discuss what your specific goals are and the best way to exceed them..