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About Top Shelf Names

Top Shelf Names offers a full range of domain sales, marketing and consulting services as well as owning and operating an inventory of many top quality domain names and websites. Many of our domains are available for purchase, lease, or joint ventures.

What makes a domain name Top Shelf?

There are many factors that may affect the quality of a domain. Domains names we market are selected to meet a number of criteria and primarily make for descriptive, memorable brand names.

Descriptive keyword domains can benefit a website’s search engine optimization (SEO) when developed. They also generate more clicks and create greater return on investment (ROI) on click-based advertising campaigns according to a number of search marketing studies.

As if those benefits weren’t enough, a short, descriptive and memorable domain can also improve customer recall leading to higher response rates in offline advertising, and more repeat visitors. Consider: Are people more likely to recall and return to MyWidgets.com or JustAnotherWidgetBusinessLLC.info?

If you would like to learn more or have questions about our domain consulting services or domains for sale please don’t hesitate to contact us.